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Accessibility Lifts

Accessibility Lifts at McMaster

Several buildings on campus require the use of an accessibility lift for users with mobility disabilities to move between floors.

Check out the campus map to learn where these buildings are located, or choose the accessible campus maps where you can toggle the elevator/lift button on/off to see where the lifts themselves are located.

Locations of Accessibility Lifts:

  • University Hall (Building #1)
  • Hamilton Hall (Building #2)
  • Refectory/GSA (Building #4)
  • Refectory/Phoenix & Bridges (Building #4)
  • BSB / Planetarium (Building #11)
  • BSB / North Stairway (Building #11)
  • Commons (Building #28)
  • MUSC (Building #51)

How to Access Accessibility Lifts at McMaster: Requesting an Access Card

  • Complete this linked request form to get a card to access any of the accessibility lifts on campus.
  • You will be notified by email when the card is ready to be picked up, usually within 24 hours.
  • The card can be picked up from the Service Desk (Room L101) on the main floor of Mills Library at any time the Library is open. Feel free to use the accessible building floorplan to navigate to the Service Desk.
  • Please note that you will be asked to show photo ID when picking it up.

General Information about the Accessibility Lifts on Campus:

  • the Access Card will provide access to all accessibility lifts on campus, during regular building hours.
  • each lift may have its own operating procedures. Please consult signage which can be found both inside and outside the lift.
  • access to these lifts is via a card tap on the card reader found at the entrance to each lift, on each floor.
  • access to these lifts is restricted to those who require it, plus any one person who is needed to assist them.
  • as there are costs associated with providing these cards, please return this card to the 1st floor Mills Library Service Desk when you have finished using it so that it can be re-assigned to another individual.
  • please direct questions to access@mcmaster.ca
  • for help during an Emergency, please contact Security Services at x 24281 or 905-522-4135
Accessible Lifts sign with access forward logo on the right of the image and arrows indicating up and down on the left of the image. There is braille present below the label "accessible lift" at the bottom of the sign.
Accessible Lifts on campus will be recognizable via standardized accessible signage featured on this page, which include high contrast writing and icons, braille available at the bottom of the sign below the “accessible lift” label, as well as the Access Forward symbol for easy user recognition.