Just Released - Visit the 2021-2022 Annual Accessibility and Disability Inclusion Update Here!
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Web Accessibility

An accessible site at McMaster is one that is usable to all community members, and meets the standards set out in Ontario’s accessibility legislation.

Meeting the Threshold of Accessibility – Is it Compliant?

Strictly speaking, our definition of a compliant site means meeting the WCAG 2.0 (AA) standard.  However, achieving accessibility consistently over time is done by putting processes into place:

  1. Team members are trained and aware of their responsibilities.
  2. Websites are remediated if they have fallen out of compliance.
  3. Publishing new content is done by following a plan to ensure it is also accessible.
  4. User support, maintenance, and testing is conducted throughout the year.
  5. Communication of accessibility status to website stakeholders.

If a website does not have the support of these processes, it is likely that gaps will form in accessibility. The three planning support documents below provide more detailed information for putting these five processes into place.

For more information, contact Clark Cipryk, or book a consultation.

Please also refer to the AODA Web SharePoint site for McMaster specific web accessibility information.