Service Disruption Notices

Current service disruption notices can be found at the following sites:

McMaster Libraries service disruptions

McMaster Health Sciences Library service disruptions

McMaster Facility Services alerts and shutdowns

What is a Service Disruption?

A service disruption is an interruption to a regular service or facility. Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) – Customer Service Regulation, McMaster University is required to notify students, employees, and the public when public services or facilities are temporarily unavailable. Examples of a service disruption may include the following:

  • Utility shutdown in a particular building for a specified period of time
  • Construction or maintenance work that restricts access to an entrance of a building or a particular floor or department
  • Breakdown of public elevators or lifts
  • Unexpected closure of an office that serves the public

A service disruption notice should include the following information:

  • Name of the disrupted service or facility
  • Expected duration of the disruption
  • Alternative means of accessing the service or facility (if available)
  • Who to contact for assistance
  • Any other relevant information

Reporting a service disruption

The timely reporting of a service disruption is an important part of an accessible campus.  Please report a service disruption as soon as possible.

Where do I report a service disruption?

Notice of a service disruption should be posted in a conspicuous location for persons with disabilities who may be using the facility.

What information should I include in a notification of service disruption?

When notifying the public about a service disruption, include:

  • The reason for the disruption
  • Its anticipated duration
  • A description of alternative facilities or services, if any are available.
AODA Service Disruption


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